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Our team of experienced pelvic health physiotherapists have been helping women, men, children and teens right across the Penrith, Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury and Western Sydney community. Stretching as far as Blacktown and Norwest, and even all the way from Wollongong, we have had clients come from near and far to take control of their pelvic health. 

Our Penrith clinic is located in a quiet, peaceful location that offers easy, accessible parking, is against the traffic (if you are coming from Sydney) and our beautifully restored building offers complete privacy for our consultations. 

Our mission: Making the world a better place, one pelvic floor at a time.

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Why Choose Us As Your Pelvic Health Physio?

Get Back To What You Love

We help our clients recover so they can return to the activities that they love.

Quiet Clinic Location

Located in Penrith, our physiotherapy clinic offers easy, accessible parking in a quiet location.


Our physiotherapists are friendly, professional and highly trained in treating pelvic health conditions.

We understand that the thought of having to share the details of an intimate problem with a healthcare provider can be scary. It might be tempting to put it off, thinking you can work around the problem for a few more months or years. But, of course, that will just mean missing out on more activities that you would normally enjoy, continuing to live with pain or the fear of loss of control, or continuing to pay for pads or medications. 

One of the reasons the clinic moved to Lemongrove Rd was because of the quiet location, the easy parking, the beautifully restored building, and the calm environment. The soundproof double brick walls help too! We hope this is a safe place for you to start your healing journey. 

Our therapists are highly trained and easy to talk to. At the end of a first consultation, whether we are talking about the examination, or the personal nature of the discussion, one of the most common responses is,
‘Thankyou for making that easy. It wasn’t nearly as hard as I expected. I wish I had come to see you sooner!’

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Our Background

So many of our new clients tolerated their pelvic health problems for years because embarrassment and a sense of shame made them afraid to speak up. Others didn’t know that pelvic health physiotherapy help was even a thing!

Some of our female patients have been heard to call us their ‘vaginal physio’, or their ‘gynae physio!’, but we could equally be called the ‘prostate physio’ or ‘bedwetting physio’ because we see the full range of pelvic health conditions.

Trust us, there is probably nothing you could say or show us that we have not heard or seen before!

Penrith Pelvic Floor physiotherapy started in 2000, after Kylie, the founding physiotherapist, had her first baby. She realised that there was a code of silence and mystery surrounding the messy parts of childbirth and recovery. As a health professional, she knew that she had benefited greatly from knowing a bit about ‘secret women’s business’ ‘and she felt strongly that other women needed access to this information and care, regardless of whether their delivery had been last week or 40 years earlier.

As the practice grew and word spread, she started seeing women with the full spectrum of pelvic health conditions, as well as men, and children. She has taken on 2 other brilliant dedicated physiotherapists in Christine and Jen, who are equally passionate about all things to do with pelvic health and beyond!

Meet Our Team



Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Judy speaks Tamil and has helped women, men, and children with everyday injuries, sporting injuries, and work-related injuries get back to their best active lives.

Mary pelvic health physio penrith


Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Mary is a Western Sydney local. She is a dedicated and compassionate Women's and Pelvic Health Physiotherapist who would love to help you achieve optimal well-being and regain your body confidence.

Kylie Liversidge pelvic floor physio


Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Kylie has been a physiotherapist for almost 30yrs. She is trusted and recommended by local and Sydney-based GP’s, Gynaecologists, Obstetricians, Urologists and Sexual Health Physicians.

christine pelvic floor physio


Pelvic Health Physiotherapist

Christine is passionate about pelvic health for all ages and genders. She has a solid background in Strength and Conditioning and Acute and Chronic Injury Management especially lower limb, back, pelvic, and hip pain.

Sue penrith pelvic floor receptionist



Sue is our front desk superstar who will take your call, answer your questions, and make you feel welcome when you arrive.

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