Telehealth Physiotherapy Appointments

We Offer Telehealth Physiotherapy Appointments

Telehealth is a good option if you live a long distance away, if you have transport problems, if you are sick or injured and unable to attend face-to-face, or if your babysitter falls through.

We can easily convert you to telehealth at short notice. Just give us a call beforehand.

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How an Online (Telehealth) Consultation Works

1. We will send you an appointment confirmation email which contains a link that opens your session. Call us if you can’t find it. You will not need to download any software. Please be at your device ready to go 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.

2. We strongly suggest you take your session on a laptop or desktop computer. If using a mobile device it must be secured on a stand up at eye height, and you will need earbuds with a microphone.

3. A good internet connection is vital. Ideally your internet speed should be at least 15Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload. If you wish to use a mobile device and network, be aware of any data restrictions and associated costs, which are usually more expensive than Wi-Fi.

4. Choose a location that is private, preferably behind a closed door to minimize interruptions. However, if you are not comfortable with the technology, it is OK to have someone with you.
Snug fitting clothes such as leggings and a crop top or fitted shirt will allow your physio to see how you move. You may be asked to perform some movement tests at the direction of your therapist, so make sure there is some space behind you.
Be safe- do not have your session whilst driving or engaging in any other activity!

5. The consultation will need to be paid for in advance and is not refundable if you fail to attend.

6. You will need to return the informed consent and intake forms before your consultation begins. They will have been emailed to you in the confirmation email. If you fail to do this we may need to use part of your consultation time to collect this information.

7. Despite evidence that online physiotherapy consultations are cost effective, safe, and well-received by consumers, not all health funds have an item number for this service. Regardless, you will need to pay upfront and claim later.

8. Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plans can now be used for Online Telehealth Consultations. Full payment must be made before the consultation. You will be responsible for claiming the Medicare rebate.

9. NDIS funding can be used for Telehealth physiotherapy consultations. You will need to pay upfront and claim yourself.

10. If you are a DVA client your consultation can be provided via Telehealth. Please advise us of your DVA status and whether you are a gold or white card holder at the time of booking.

11. Workers Compensation and CTP consultations can be delivered via Telehealth if your case manager has agreed.

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