Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Penrith

If you are looking for musculoskeletal physiotherapy services in Penrith, our team of skilled physiotherapists are available to assist you.

We treat more than just the pelvic floor

Our Physiotherapists Can Help Ease Your Pain And Get You Moving Again.

As well as being experienced in pelvic health, all our physios can assess and manage any of your other musculoskeletal complaints.

We have been helping our clients across the Penrith community get back on track from a range of injuries. From lower back pain, hip and knee pain, shoulder pain and neck pain, our physios can help you recover.

We provide a range of hands on physiotherapy techniques as well as exercises to help improve your movement and reduce your pain. 

In most cases, we can offer same day appointments especially for acute injuries that need treatment fast.

musculoskeletal physio penrith

How Can We Help You?

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Lower Back Pain

Physiotherapy is an effective treatment option for lower back pain. Through a combination of hands on physiotherapy, exercises, and education, we can help relieve pain, improve mobility, and prevent recurrence.

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Shoulder Pain

Our physios can help diagnose and treat shoulder pain. From rotator cuff injuries, bursitis or impingement, we can help improve movement and function so you can get back to the activities that you love.

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Hip & Knee Pain

Physiotherapy can treat a range of hip and knee conditions. Osteoarthritis, overuse injuries, patellofemoral pain and hip impingement are all conditions we can assess and treat to get you moving again.

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Neck Pain

Our physiotherapists can assess and treat a range of neck complaints. From a stiffness to pain that results in headaches, our physios can use a range of techniques to help alleviate pain, improve your movement and function.

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Pre & Post Op Physiotherapy

We can help you in the lead up to and after your orthopaedic surgery such as hip or knee replacements, knee or shoulder reconstructions, recovery after broken bones and many more.

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Balance Physiotherapy

Are you getting a bit wobbly on your feet? Or have you had a fall and lost confidence?
We can help you improve your balance and regain your confidence with our balance physiotherapy.

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