Pelvic Health Physiotherapy For Children & Teens

If you are seeking quality physiotherapy services for paediatric incontinence and other pelvic health conditions in Penrith and Greater Western Sydney, our team is here to help.

Your Partner In Achieving Better Pelvic Health For Children & Teens

Helping Your Child Stay Dry and Confident With Our Experienced Pelvic Health Physiotherapists

Our team of pelvic health physiotherapists treat children and teens with a range of pelvic floor problems.

Children who struggle with continence issues may face teasing, a decline in academic performance, reduced self-esteem, and emotional distress. These issues can also be challenging for parents.

However, the good news is that many of these conditions can be effectively treated or improved with therapy. Find out more below.

How Can We Help You?

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Bladder Physiotherapy For Kids

Children's continence physiotherapy can help with a range of issues such as bedwetting, day-wetting and urgency. We can help with range of strategies that will build your child's confidence.

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Bowel Physiotherapy for Kids

If your child is having troubles with soiling or constipation, we can help you with strategies to avoid this and help your child identify a 'sneaky or stuck poo' before it becomes an issue.

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Pelvic Pain in

We can help girls with pelvic pain to understand their symptoms and manage their pain sooner. Treatment is not invasive and can assist in preventing long term issues such as fatigue, poor sleep and nausea.

Bladder Physiotherapy For Children


Is your child still wetting the bed, every night, or even just sometimes? If they are over the age of 6 and are meeting other developmental milestones, and the issue is causing family disharmony, it is entirely appropriate to seek help rather than ‘waiting for them to grow out of it’. That might be a lot of loads of washing later!

We can give guidance regarding good bladder and bowel habits, and help cue your child to recognise signals of a full bladder or bowel. Some children need help to empty better and some just need help to stretch their bladder so it can hold enough to last all night. We can also guide you through alarm therapy, which is more effective when done under supervision.

Day-Wetting & Bladder Urgency

Does your child leak urine during the day? Girls in particular can have giggle incontinence, or stress incontinence where they leak with activities that require exertion, like skipping, running or gymnastics.

Our assessment will help you know whether to encourage your child to relax their pelvic floor muscles to empty more completely, or whether they should be trying to identify and tighten up better. We can teach either without the need for an invasive examination, often just by using abdominal ultrasound.

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Physiotherapy for Bowel Problems In Children

Soiling & Constipation

Children who soil aren’t lazy or naughty; they usually have poor rectal sensation and lack the awareness that stool is even present. The soiling issue may develop because of chronic constipation (which has a number of causes) or because of stool withholding due to a previously painful bowel movement.

We advocate a matter-of-fact approach and use a variety of techniques to help the child to notice ‘sneaky poo’ and beat him to the toilet before he causes too much trouble.

Physiotherapy for Pelvic Pain in Girls

1 in 5 girls have severe period pain and 1 in 10 will eventually be diagnosed with endometriosis. Rather than waiting until period pain becomes chronic or keyhole surgery is required, we can help girls with pelvic pain to understand their symptoms and manage their pain sooner. 

Left untreated, the nervous system can become more sensitive, leading to fatigue, poor sleep, nausea, anxiety, low mood, difficulty concentrating, and lost days at school. 

We can manage bladder and urethral and perineal pain in children of any gender too. We can teach good bladder and bowel habits and ensure good pelvic floor muscle tone and control, which will provide benefit over a lifetime. Treatment is not invasive.

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