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Pelvic Health for Women, Men, Children & Teens

Pelvic Health for Women, Men, Children & Teens

Pelvic Health for Women, Men, Children & TeensPelvic Health for Women, Men, Children & Teens

What To Expect

When you see Kylie, the consultation time will be entirely yours. Kylie wont be answering phones or working with other patients at the same time. You will be seen in a private consultation room. You will not have to reveal any details about your condition to reception or other staff. Protecting your privacy and confidentiality is very important to us.

An adult pelvic floor assessment often involves an internal examination, but this will only be done with your consent. We can find alternatives if this is difficult for you.

A toilet can be accessed from the consultation room, so don't panic if you sometimes need to go in a hurry.

Bring any useful information you have, such as a medication list, reports, or the names of any specialists or surgeries or procedures you have had in the past. It can be helpful to have a health summary from your GP, but this is not essential. You do not need a referral to access our services.

You can claim from your health fund at our HICAPS terminal. If you have a Chronic Disease Management plan, you can claim your Medicare rebate from our terminal if you bring the appropriate paperwork